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Equigel was the first Gel on the market specifically designed for equestrian use at an affordable price. Equigel is a Thermoplastic Visco-Elastomer that holds its shape under any circumstance, even if punctured. Its molecular structure is such, that it is unrivalled in elasticity and strength. Elongation at break is 500 - 1000% depending on composition. Its recovery from pressure is also unrivalled 5000 psi depending on composition. Flexibility is maintained at -65°C and + 115°C.

Equigel through its unique properties acts as a multi-directional shock absorber, eliminating friction almost completely. Equigel products provide therapeutic benefits by increasing blood flow through having a massaging effect on the horses back. Its low heat transference properties also offer therapeutic benefits, as it can be freezer cooled prior to use.  All the aforementioned properties make Equigel products the ultimate in comfort and protection for horse and rider. Friction and impact shocks are almost totally absorbed, relieving all pressure points, and thus helping to prevent, or in therapy, hastening recovery from injury. Sweating is greatly reduced through the Gels low heat transference properties.

Equigel protective products are available as saddle pads and seat savers. There are many finishes for the discerning rider from Polyester-cotton covers to stretch Polyurethane and suede.

Equigel and Gelite 005

Equigel shaped pad with girth loops

Equigel PU insert

Equigel PU insert with cover

Equigel shaped pad with channel

Equigel shaped pad with channel

Equigel seat saver

Equigel seat saver with suede cover

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